Registration of Picked-up Orders

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Once you have created a Sales post with Post Office, you can register when customers pick up their orders in the app. This way, you have an easy overview of who has and has not picked up their ordered items and the opportunity to collect data on how much you are selling through your Sales posts.

This article explains how to register the pick-up of Sales posts in a few steps in the app while you are in the store.

  • 1
    Open the Post Office app and go to offers.
  • 2
    Find the specific offer you want to register pick-up for and click the checklist icon to the left.
  • 3
    Here you see an overview of all the orders. Find the customer's order number - you can search for the order number here.
  • 4
    Register the customer's pick-up by clicking the box.
  • 5
    When there is a green checkmark, the pick-up is registered, and you can close the offer page by clicking the cross in the top right corner.