Meet the Post Office people
  • Peter BundgaardCEO & Partner
  • Andreas FüchselCSO & Partner
  • Jakob LundCOO
  • Jesper Fyhr KnudsenCTO & Partner
  • Jacob Poul RichardFrontend Lead & Partner
  • Michal VachlerBackend
  • Nemanja BalacFrontend
  • Mathilde MansøeArt Director
  • Alexander GrandjeanCopy
  • Tina RøbelContent creator
  • Josefine HallenbergContent intern
  • Peter KjærsgaardFinance
  • Jens NielsenAdvisor

Who are we

Post Office is a simple social media management tool. While most other social media management tools are advanced and difficult to use, Post Office is quite simple and user-friendly. Almost everyone can use start working with our app without any training or tech experience.

The team behind Post Office has many years of experience within social media. The idea arose back in 2014 when we spotted a need for a more simplified approach to managing social media. During our work, we worked with other SoMe platforms, but we’ve found them hard to use and quite complicated – and we never got to use 80% of their features. That’s why we started to work on our very own platform with a strong focus on usability.

Today Post Office is an established company with lots of happy customers and thousands of users. Also it is known as a fun workplace built by skilled and talented employees. If you’d like to join our team, you’re welcome to read more about it here, or send us an application to