Invest, Don’t Waste: Time Spent on Social Media Marketing

Updated: 8/5/2020
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So now you are here; you’ve decided to dive further into the possibilities of employee empowerment, broadening your social media marketing strategy and consolidating your brand. Your motivation may also be to let your employees flourish creatively and professionally within your organization or to make your customers feel a deeper connection to your brand.

Let us guide you past a central worry, you may have about the method: How do you plan an employee empowerment program in the most effective way?

A concern we as a business in the arena of social media management hear every once in a while has to do with the time spent on social media marketing – producing content, making and following a calendar, tracking performance. Concerns may evolve around how time consuming it is, if it ends up being a waste of time, or how to distribute the hours spent on it. If your company already has a social media strategy, a social media manager, and a few active social channels, you may feel like you are using all the hours possible already. But what if all the time spent could be spent wiser – and with significant gains in revenue?

Time in exchange for revenue

Time is money, and in this case, investing time in employee empowerment means a higher income. Numerous areas of a company’s income (and culture) are positively affected by this strategy, and they are all worth considering – you can read about it here and here, or you can take a look at the video below and find out how Maja Fabech, Social Media Manager at Matas, sees an increase in visitors in their physical stores:

Our goal with the local Facebook pages was to get more customers to visit our stores, and that has succeeded really well. – Maja Fabech, Social Media Manager, Matas

Brand advocacy makes a stronger brand

When investing time in content marketing through employee empowerment, it may just rub off on the brand profile of your company. Employee-generated content for social media enhances authenticity and boosts trust as well as it makes your customers feel connected to your brand, which makes all the difference.

Producing content, that boosts your brand’s trust and customer loyalty, is not as difficult as it may seem: you need to implement employee empowerment in your social media marketing strategy, and from then on, it’s all about personalized content and hyperlocal content marketing.

A brand advocacy program makes more time

Last but not least, you get more time in exchange for the work hours, your employees spend on posting.


  • 1
    Photos and videos of employees are taken directly by the employees = no film crew, booking, transportation etc.
  • 2
    Time spent on adjusting posts so they contain the right city name, dates, offers etc. is eliminated, as the employees do it in the tool before publishing
  • 3
    The Social Media Manager can go back to spending work hours on core tasks and outsource specific, local jobs to local staff

The most efficient way to reach all these benefits is by managing your social media content through a social media management tool. Click here for a rundown of the 11 best out there, and check out the Post Office Social tool – the only one designed specifically for employee empowerment.

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