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Welcome to the simplest way to manage a Facebook page professionally. We're guessing that by now, you're well aware that social media is an essential part of communicating with your customers. But like most businesses, you might not be quite ready to hire an agency or a full time social media manager. That's why we created Post Office. With our simple tool, you or your social media manager can save hours of time on social media management and start posting high quality content like a pro! Post Office is amazingly easy to use and completely free.

Post Office

Simple Social Media Management

We’ve kept it simple, so you won’t have to spend time getting the hang of hundreds of features. Use the calendar to give you an overview and create your own labels to keep track of what you’re posting. And remember! You can ask us anything, if you get stuck. Just reach out to our support team here


Support From Specialists

We have social media specialists (and nice people in general) ready to answer support requests from all Post Office users. That means you don’t have to be a social media pro to use Post Office. They’ll keep track of what you need to know and they might even have an idea or two on what to post. Get in touch with the support team here


Early Adopters Get Unlimited Access

We like people that show up early! And we want all the early birds to experience the power of Post Office at full scale. Early adoptors can connect an unlimited number of Facebook pages, collaborate with an unlimited number of team members, and schedule posts like crazy (unlimited). Forever. Last time we checked, you won’t get an offer like that anywhere else ...

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